Former residence of Norman Johnston

Windsor Street, Paddington

2011 restored and relocated to residence
of Dr Andrew Mariotti, Melbourne

B. 1963 Ronald Sharp 2m., 3 st.sp., 1c., tr.
Man I: 8. Man II: 4. Ped: 8.


This organ was advertised on Ebay in July 2010 and has been bought by the Melbourne organist, Dr Andrew Mariotti (Director of Music, St Mary's Star of the Sea Catholic Church, West Melbourne). 

The specification is:

Manual I
Chimney Flute
Spare Slide

Manual II
Spare Slide


Man I to Man II




(bottom manual)
(possibly using ca 1840's English pipework)

(top manual)
(Fincham new in 1960's)

(i.e. bottom to top manual)

NB: no manual to pedal couplers

Silent electric blower incorporated

Dimensions: W - 155cm, D - 150cm, H - 280cm


Ron Sharp confirmed that Dr Vincent Sheppard had supplied the pipework (2011 conversation with Dr Mariotti).


Photos above taken from the Ebay webpage (July 22, 2010) show the organ
as it was in Norman Johnston's residence prior to removal.

The Sharp organ after being restored and installed in Dr Mariotti's Melbourne suburban residence
Photos: Mark Quarmby (January 2012)