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Sydney Town Hall

cnr George and Druitt Streets

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Robert Ampt
(Sydney City Organist)


The concerts commence at 12.30pm and last for one hour

Admission is free

Specification and history of the organ

Robert Ampt 02 4758 6067
Town Hall Office
02 9265 9189


All concerts commence at 12.30pm and are free

(except Christmas at the Sydney Town Hall is 8.00pm with a small admission charge)


All recitals cancelled until further notice.

Please check here for further details.



CANCELLED March, Monday 23rd - Hector Olivera (USA) CANCELLED

April, Monday 20th - Robert Ampt

May, Monday 11th - Samuel Giddy & Titus Grenyer

June, Monday 15th - Robert Ampt

October, Monday 19th - Amy Johansen

November, Monday 23rd - Robert Ampt & Sydney Bagpipers

December, Tuesday 22nd 8pm - Christmas at the Sydney Town Hall

December, Wednesday 30th - Young Organist's Day
Performances by some of Australia's best young organists, including prize-winners in the 2020 Sydney Organ Competition.










Monday 11th March, 12.30pm: ROBERT AMPT - all Bach
(Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, Prelude and Fugue in G Major, Passacaglia and Fugue in C Minor, Schübler Chorales, Ave Maria (Bach/Gounod))


Following the problem with one of the organ blower motors at Sydney Town Hall,
and the subsequent need to install a new motor, adjustments have
had to be made to the lunchtime organ recital series as follows:


Monday 29th April, 12.30pm: SIMON NIEMINSKI (St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney)



Monday 3rd June, 12.30pm: ROBERT AMPT



Monday 29th July, 12.30pm: SIMON NIEMINSKI (St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney)


Monday 9th September, 12.30pm: THOMAS TROTTER (England)


Monday 30th September, 12.30pm: CHRISTOPHER WRENCH (Brisbane)


Tuesday 5th November, 12.30pm: ROBERT AMPT & NSW POLICE BAND


Tuesday 17th December, 8.00pm: Christmas at the Sydney Town Hall *


Saturday 28th December, 12.30pm: Young Organists' Day

All lunchtime concerts are free and of one hour duration except the Young Organists' Day which runs for one and a half hours.

* Tickets for Christmas at the Sydney Town Hall on 17th December go on sale on 1st November at the City Recital Hall Box Office.










Monday 19th March - Robert Ampt

Monday 9th April – Rhys Boak (St Michael's Church, Melbourne)


Monday 4th June – Ross Cobb  (St Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney)


Monday 23rd July – David Drury (St Paul's College, Sydney University)


Monday 6th August – Daniel Moult (UK)


Monday 10th September  – Thomas Gaynor (NZ/USA)


Tuesday 2nd October (OHTA Conference) – Organ Duets with Robert Ampt/Amy Johansen


Monday 5th November - Robert Ampt & NSW Police Band


Tuesday 18th December at 8pm - Christmas at Sydney Town Hall

Entry by ticket ($17 and $14


Friday 28th December  - Young Organists' Day







Monday 3 April - Robert Ampt (Sydney City Organist)

Monday 1 May - Andrej Kouznetsov (St John's Cathedral, Brisbane)

Monday 7 August - Alessandro Pittorino, Australia/USA

Monday 25 September - Robert Ampt

Monday 6 November - Organ (Robert Ampt) and Bagpipes (Sydney Bagpipers)

Friday 29 December - Young Organist's Day

Featuring the very talented winners from the 2017 Sydney Organ Competition.







Monday 7 March – Hector Olivera (Argentina)

Monday 11 April – Robert Ampt (Sydney City Organist)

Monday 9 May - Christopher Wrench (Brisbane)

Monday 1 August - Alistair Nelson (St James', King Street, Sydney)

Monday 5 September - Robert Ampt (Sydney City Organist)

Tuesday 4 October - School holidays special with Amy Johansen and Robert Ampt:

Children's Introduction to the Organ

Monday 14 November - Robert Ampt with soprano and tenor soloists

Tuesday 20 December at 8.00pm - Christmas at the Town Hall Hall

(tickets for this event will go on sale in October 2016)

Friday 30 December - Young Organists' Day










Monday 16th March – Robert Ampt

Monday 30th March – David Drury

Monday 20th April - Mark Quarmby and Anita Kyle (soprano)

Monday 10th August - Amy Johansen

Monday 28th September - Robert Ampt

Monday 2 November - Robert Ampt with Richard McGregor and Donald McKay (bagpipes)

Wednesday 30th December - Young Organists' Day




Tuesday 15 April - Robert Ampt (Sydney City Organist)

Monday 12 May - Amy Johansen (Sydney University Organist)

Tuesday 10 June - Pavel Kohout (International Czech Concert Organist)

Monday 29 September - Robert Ampt (Sydney City Organist)

Monday 10 October - Thomas Wilson (St Mary's Cathedral)

Monday 3 November - Robert Ampt (Sydney City Organist)

Tuesday 8pm - Christmas at the Town Hall with Robert Ampt

[$15 / $12 on sale in October at City Recital Hall Box Office]




Listen to and watch Kurt Ison play Bach's "Toccata and Fugue in D minor" BWV 565


Watch the City Organist, Robert Ampt, demonstrating the organ to English organbuilder, John Mander

Dates and times subject to change. Enquiries: 02 9265 9189 or


Information on the organ

City Council information on the organ




Recitals resume in May after extensive cleaning and documentation of the organ


Monday 20th May - Robert Ampt (Sydney City Organist)

Tuesday 11th June - Christopher Wrench (Brisbane)

Tuesday 16th July - Oliver Brett (St Mary's Cathedral)

Monday 26th August - Robert Ampt (Sydney City Organist)

Monday 21st October - Martin Setchell (City Organist, Christchurch, NZ)

Monday 11th November - Robert Ampt (City Organist) with Richard McGreggor

Previous years' recitals

No recitals held during 2008-2010
due to the building's restoration.