University of Sydney - Great Hall

Von Beckareth 1972 M 3 / 53


Enquiries: Amy Johansen 02 4758 6067 (University of Sydney Organist)

Specification of the organ


Free Carillon Recital every Sunday 2pm

Sundays at 3.30pm

March 21 Happy Birthday, Herr Bach!
Amy Johansen - Sydney University Organist with Belinda Montgomery (Soprano)
April 18 Amy Johansen
May 2 Amy Johansen with Vanessa Souter (harp)
July 18 Martin Rein (Perth)
Aug 8 Music for Organ and Flute - Amy Johansen and Jane Bolinowsky (Flute)
Sept 5 Amy Johansen (Organ) and Paul Goodchild (Trumpet) - Albinoni, Boyce, Persichetti, Holley and Widor
Oct 10 Thiemo Janssen (Germany) - Mendelssohn VI, Vierne III, Alain (Fant 1, 2) and Liszt (W.K)
Nov 21 Amy Johansen with the RAAF Brass Ensemble - Vierne, Widor and Gabrieli

Mondays at 1.10-1.50pm

11 October
18 October
25 Ocotber
8 November

Previous years' recitalists


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