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Colours of the King 2MBS-FM 102.5MHz (second Saturday of every month from 5.00pm - 6.00pm).
Presented on behalf of the Organ Music Society of Sydney

Prepared and presented by Andrew Grahame

2001 programs

2002 programs


A new organ programme will commence on Tuesday 11th February 2003 at 12.30
pm on 2MBS-FM.

Prepared and presented by Andrew Grahame, it will be called The Theatre
Pipe Organ - Seriously.

This monthly programme of 30 minutes duration will feature transcriptions of
popular classics, performed on theatre pipe organs.

See below table for details of the programmes. The name of the organist is in
brackets. This will be broadcast on the second Tuesday of each month, from 12.30 pm to 1.00 pm.




11th January, 2003


JS Bach - Early works, arrangements and attributions

All played by Simon Preston at the controversial Klais organ at St. John's,
Smith Square, London.

Fugue in B minor on a theme of Corelli BWV 579
Trio in C minor BWV 585
Prelude and Fugue in A minor BWV 551
Fantasia and Fugue in A minor BWV 561 (attrib.)
Fantasia in C minor BWV 570
Fugue in G major BWV 576 (attrib.)
Allabreve in D major BWV 589 (uncertain)
Fantasia in G major BWV 571 (attrib.)
Fugue in C minor on a theme of Legrenzi BWV 574


8th February 2003

5.00 pm

Early English Organ Music

played by
Susan Landale
at St Michael's Church, Framlingham, Suffolk
and E. Power Biggs
at a selection of historic English organs


8th March 2003

5.00 pm

Dr Harold Fabrikant playing three Adelaide organs

Anglican Church of the Epiphany, Crafers (Smenge, 1995)
St Martin's Lutheran Church, Mannum (Pogson, 1975)
Pembroke School Chapel (Stephens, 1989)


12th April 2003

5.00 pm

Two Modern British Organs

Blackburn Cathedral (Walker, 1969) played by David Patrick
Bath Abbey (Klais, 1997) played by Peter King


10th May 2003

5.00 pm

Felix Mendelssohn - Organ Music plus a transcription

War March of the Priests - from "Athalie" (David Drury at Sydney Town Hall)
Sonata No 2 in C minor (Peter Hurford at Ratzeburg Cathedral, West Germany)
Prelude and Fugue in C minor (Harold Fabrikant at St Michael's, Mitcham, SA)
Sonata No 6 in D minor (Gillian Weir at Ulster Hall, Belfast)
Sonata No 4 in B flat (Michael Dudman at Pymble Ladies' College Chapel, Sydney) 


14th June 2003

5.00 pm

(from LP recordings made in late 1970's and early 1980's)

Chorale No 2 in B minor
Peter Hurford at Sydney Opera House (1982)

Paul Morgan at Exeter Cathedral (1983)

Gillian Weir at Wellington Cathedral (1984)

Chorale No 3 in A minor
Lynne Davis at St Bartholomew's, Armley (1978)


12th July 2003

5.00 pm

Organ Music of Mozart

It is believed that Mozart coined the phrase "King of Instruments" in
reference to the organ, yet he wrote very little organ music relative to his
output for other instruments. Here's a sample of what he wrote.


Andante and Fugue in A major K 402
Prelude in C major K 284a
Adagio in B minor K 540
Twelve variations on "Ah, vous dirai-je, Maman" K 265
Church Sonata in C major K 336 (arr. for organ solo)
(organist Janos Sebestyen)

Fantasia in F minor K 608
(organist Karl Richter)


9th August 2003

5.00 pm
"Combinations" - 2 organists at 1 organ, 2 organists at 2 organs, and 1
organist playing 4 organs

Handel - Arrival of the Queen of Sheba
(Robert Ampt and Amy Johansen at Sydney Opera House - organ duet)

Handel - Concerto No 8 in A major (arr. for 2 organs by Maurice Durufle)
(Maurice Durufle and Marie-Madeline Durufle-Chevalier at the 2 organs of the
National Shrine, Washington DC)

Soler - Concerto No 1 for two organs
(Robert Ampt and Amy Johansen at Sydney Opera House)

Pasquini - Sonatas 2, 9 and 3 for two organs
(Marie-Claire Alain and Luigi Ferdinando Tagliavini at the two organs of the
Basilica of San Petronio, Bologna)

Bach - "Dorian" Toccata & Fugue in D minor BWV 538
(E Power Biggs simultaneously playing the four organs of
Freiburg Cathedral, Southern Germany)


13th September 2003

5.00 pm
The organ music of Naji Hakim

Pange Lingua
(the composer at the organ of La Trinite, Paris)

The Embrace of Fire

Expressions for Organ Nos 19 (Lightly) and 22 (Lively)

Hommage a Igor Stravinski

(Amy Johansen at the 153-rank Schantz organ in the Cathedral of the Sacred
Heart, Newark, New Jersey, USA)


11th October 2003

5.00 pm
The oldest original and intact 4-manual organ by
Earnest M Skinner (1912, restored 1995) played by
Frederick Hohman, featuring vintage repertoire.

Horation Parker - Festival Prelude
Pietro Yon - Speranza
Tchaikowsky - Yearning
Powell Weaver - The Squirrel
Gordon Balch Nevin - Will 'o the wisp
Felix Borowski - Sonata No 1 for Organ
Vierne - Final from Symphony No 1 for Organ


8th November 2003

5.00 pm
Celebrating the Tuba stop

Arthur Wills - Fanfare
(Michael Dudman at Newcastle Cathedral)
Sunderland - Fanfare
(improvisation - Raymond Sunderland at Bridlington
Francis Jackson - Fanfare (Francis Jackson at York Minster)
Percy Whitlock - Postlude on Darwall's 148th
(Phillip Matthias at Newcastle
A E Floyd - Sketch in F (June Nixon at St Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne)
Petr Eben - Moto Ostinato
(Gillian Weir at Ulster Hall, Belfast)
Eugene Gigout - Grand Choeur Dialogue
(Wayne Marshall at Coventry Cathedral)
Elgar - Truimphal March from "Caractacus" (June Nixon at St Pauls,
C S Lang - Tuba Tune (Anne Marsden Thomas at St Giles, Cripplegate, London)
Stanley Vann - A Fancy for Tuba (June Nixon at St Paul's Melbourne)
Dulcie Holland - Tuba Tune
(Peter Kneeshaw at St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney)
Norman Cocker - Tuba Tune
(Carlo Curley at St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol)


13th December 2003

5.00 pm
J.S. Bach - four of the Trio Sonatas
played by Christopher Herrick at the organ of
St Nikolaus, Bremgarten, Switzerland.

No 2 in E minor BWV 526
No 5 in C major BWV 529
No 4 in E minor BWV 528
No 6 in G major BWV 530

10th January 2004

6.00 pm

Note new timeslot!

Organs of Provence

Anon - Suite de Danses
Francis Chapelet - Church of Roquemaure

Frescobaldi - Toccata Settima; Canzona
Lucienne Antonini at Notre-Dame des Doms, Avignon

Muffat - Toccatas 10, 2 and 9
Rene Saorgin at Malaucene (organ of 1637)

Roberday - Fugue Dixieme
Michel Chapuis at L'Isle-sur-Sorge (organ of 1648)

Couperin - Gloria from Messe des Paroisses
Michel Chapuis at Basilica de St Maximin (organ of 1772)


8th February 2004

6.00 pm

Note new timeslot!

The Gabler organ at Weingarten Abbey (completed 1750)

Pachelbel - Praeludium in D minor (Piet Kee)
Krebs - Chorale Prelude "Ach Herr mit Armer Sünder" (Gerhard Gnann)
JS Bach - Fugue in F minor BWV 534 (PK)
Krebs - Toccata and Fugue in A minor (GG)
Krebs - Chorale Prelude "Allein Gott in her Hoh' sei Ehr" (GG)
JM Bach - In Dulci Jubilo (PK)
Lebegue - Les Cloches (PK)
Krebs - Prelude and Fugue in C major (GG)

13th March 2004

6.00 pm

Note new timeslot!

Organ Music of Heinrich Scheidemann (1565 - 1663)

Karin Nelson at the Brombaugh Organ (1992) at the
Haga Church, Gothenburg, Sweden

Praeambulum in D minor WV 33
Chorale Prelude "Lobet den Herren"
Fantasia in G major
Chorale Variations "Christ Lag in Todesbanden"
Chorale Variations "Es spricht der unweisen mund wohl"
Toccata in C WV 85


A new organ programme will commence on Tuesday 11th February 2003 at 12.30
pm on 2MBS-FM.

Prepared and presented by Andrew Grahame, it will be called "The Theatre
Pipe Organ - Seriously".

This monthly programme of 30 minutes duration will feature transcriptions of
popular classics, performed on theatre pipe organs.

The name of the organist is in brackets. This will be broadcast on the second Tuesday of each month, from 12.30 pm to 1.00 pm.



The Theatre Pipe Organ - Seriously

(Tuesdays, 12.30 till 1.00 pm)


Tuesday 11th February 2003, 12.30 pm

Debussy - Arabesque No 1 (Hector Olivera)
Rossini - La Danza (Jelani Eddington)
Liszt - Hungarian Rhapsody No 2 (Quentin Maclean)
Strauss - The Emperor Waltz (Chris Elliot)



Tuesday 11th March 2003, 12.30 pm

Bernstein - Overture to "Candide" (Walt Strony)
Strauss - On the Beautiful Blue Danube (Lyn Larsen)
Elgar - Chanson de Matin (John Giacchi)
Saint-Saens - Danse Macabre (Chris Elliot)



Tuesday 8th April 2003, 12.30 pm

Glinka - Overture to "Russlan and Ludmilla" (Simon Gledhill)
Sibelius - Finlania (Jonas Nordwall)
Puccini - Musetta's Waltz Song (Tony Fenelon)
Wagner - Ride of the Valkyries (David Wickerham)



Tuesday 6th May 2003, 12.30 pm

Von Suppe - Overture to "Poet and Peasant" (John Giacchi)
Massenet - "Meditation" from "Thais" (Jonas Nordwall)
Ponchielli - Dance of the Hours (Lyn Larsen)



Tuesday 3rd June 2003, 12.30 pm

Bizet - Carmen Suite (Tony Fenelon)
Offenbach - Overture to "Orpheus in the Underworld" (Jonas Nordwall)


Tuesday 1st July 2003, 12.30 pm

Strauss - Voices of Spring
(Margaret Hall at the Orion Centre, Campsie - 3/17 Wurlitzer)

Ketelbey - In a Monastery Garden
(Quentin Maclean at the 4/20 Wurlitzer at the Trocadero, Elephant & Castle)

Smetana - Dance of the Comedians
(Jonas Nordwall at the 4/47 Wurlitzer in the Organ Grinder Restaurant,
Portland, Oregon)

Gounod - Funeral March of a Marionette
(Reginald Foort at his "travelling" 5/27 Moller organ

Curzon - March of the Bowmen
(Simon Gledhill at the 3/57 Kimball organ at the
Dickinson High School, Philadelphia

Tuesday 12th August, 12.30 pm

Copland - "Hoedown" from the ballet "Rodeo"
(Walt Strony at the 4/19 Wurlitzer at St Mary of the Lake Auditorium,

Fibich - "Poeme" - extract from symphonic poem "At Twilight"
(Chris Elliot at the 4/48 Wurlitzer in the Wilcox residence, USA)

Strauss II - Nuns' Chorus from "Casonova"
(Phil Kelsall at the 3/14 Wurlitzer in the Tower Ballroom, Blackpool

Grieg - The Last Spring
(Lyn Larsen at the 5/80 organ in the Sanfilippo residence, Illinois

Strauss II - Thunder and Lightning Polka
(Simon Gledhill at the 4/21 Wurlitzer in the Castro Theatre, San Francisco

Tuesday 9th September, 12.30 pm

Sullivan - selection from "Pirates of Penzance"
(Douglas Reeve at the 4/51 Hill, Norman & Beard concert organ in the
Brighton Dome)

Romberg - selection from "The New Moon"
(Ken Double at the 3/12 Page organ in the
Paramount Theatre, Anderson, Indiana)

Tuesday 14th October 2003, 12.30 pm

Gershwin - Rhapsody in Blue
(Quentin Maclean at the Regal, Marble Arch - Christie 4/36)

Erik Satie - Gymnopedie No 1
(Nigel Ogden at Stockport Town Hall - Wurlitzer 4/20)

Wagner - "Liebestod" from "Tristan und Isolde"
(Walt Strony at the Gilson residence, USA - Wurlitzer 4/27)

Monti - Czardas
(Joseph Seal at Brentford Musical Museum - Wurlitzer 3/12)

Tuesday 11th November 2003, 12.30 pm

Khatchaturian - Sabre Dance
(Tony Fenelon at the Dendy, Brighton - Wurlitzer 3/15)

Kreisler - Liebsfreud
(Al Melgard at Chicago Stadium - Barton 6/51)

Heykens - Serenade
(Reginald Foort at BBC Theatre Organ No 3 - Wurlitzer 3/12)

Mendelssohn - On Wings of Song
(Billy Nalle at the Senate Theatre, Detroit - Wurlitzer 4/34)

Boccherini - Minuet
(Reginald Dixon at the Tower Ballroom, Blackpool - Wurlitzer 3/14)

Rachmaninov - Prelude in C sharp minor
(Stuart Barrie at the Granada, Tooting - Wurlitzer 4/14)

Strauss - Wine, Women and Song
(Joseph Seal at the Regal, Kingston-upon-Thames - Wurlitzer 3/12)

Tuesday 9th December, 12.30 pm

Music for Christmas

William James - Australian Christmas Carols Medley
(David Johnson at the Capri Theatre, Adelaide)

JS Bach - In Dulci Jubilo
Traditional (Scotland) - "Wee Lambs in the Heather"
Langlais - La Nativite
Purvis (arr) - Carol Rhapsody
(Tom Hazleton at the 3/43 Kimball organ in the auditorium of the
Dickinson High School, Philadelphia)

January 2004 (NB broadcast times for 2004 yet to be confirmed)

Von Suppe - Light Cavalry Overture
(Russell Holmes at the Wynton House 3/18 Wurlitzer)

V Herbert - Fleurette
(Lyn Larsen at the Sanfilippo residence 5/80 Wurlitzer)

Chovaux - March in A
(Simon Wright at the 4/20 Wurlitzer in the Paramount, Manchester)

C Dawes - Melody in A
(Carlo Curley at the 5/80 Sanfilippo Wurlitzer)

Poulenc - Presto in B Flat
(Barry Baker at the 4/36 Ronald Wehmeir residence Wurlitzer)

Puccini - "Nessun Dorma" from "Turandot"
(Walt Strony at the 5/80 Sanfilippo residence Wurlitzer)

February 2004 (NB broadcast times for 2004 yet to be confirmed)

Duncan - March from "A Little Suite"
(Joseph Seal at the 3/12 Wurlitzer in the Regal, Kingston-upon-Thames)

Mozart - Ronda Alla Turca
(Tony Fenelon at the 2/10 Wurlitzer in Pulteney Grammar School, Adelaide)

Mendelssohn - Scherzo from "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
(William Davies at the 4/14 Wurlitzer in the Granada, Tooting, London)

Chopin - Waltz in A flat
Von Paradis - Sicilienne
(Gerald Shaw at the 5/17 Compton in the Odeon, Leicester Square)

Lehar - Selection from "The Merry Widow"
(Al Bollington at the Compton organ in the Odeon, Tottenham Court Road)

Sullivan - Selection from "The Gondoliers"
(Joseph Seal at the 3/12 Wurlitzer in the Regal, Kingston-upon-Thames)

March 2004 (NB broadcast times for 2004 yet to be confirmed)

Bull - Rondo in G
(David Wickerham at the 4/24 Wurlitzer in the
Trinity Presbyterian Church, San Diego)

All remaining tracks recorded at the 4/29 Wurlitzer in the Capri Theatre, Adelaide

Sibelius - Valse Triste (Charlie Balogh)
Gould - Pavanne (Simon Gledhill)
Rubenstein - Kamenoi Ostrow (Lew Williams)
Saint-Saens - "The Aquarium" from "Carnival of the Animals" (Chris McPhee)
Stanley - Trumpet Tune in D (Clark Wilson)

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