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Sydney Suburban Organs


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Maitland Wollongong
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Tasmania Northern Terr.

Residence of Norman Johnston, Windsor Street
B. 1963 Ronald Sharp 2m., 3, 1c., tr. Man I: 8. Man II: 4. Ped: 8.
Sold to Melbourne organist, Andrew Mariotti, July 2010
St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, Oxford Street
Unknown builder (1/5 mechanical and pneumatic)
St George's Anglican Church, Glenmore Road
1898 Nicholson & Lord, Walsall, England
Renovated 1974 Ray J. Holland
3 manuals, 14 speaking stops, 5 couplers
Broken up c.1977
St Matthias Anglican Church, Oxford Street
B. 1876 J.W. Walker & Sons, London (job no. 1084)
Reb. 1946 J.F. & M.D Stephen
2m., 16 sp. st., 4c., tr. & tub. pn.
Gt: 8.8 divided. Sw: Ped: 16.8.
Uniting Church (formerly Methodist), cnr Oxford and Newcombe Streets
W.E. Richardson & Sons, 1887 (2/13 mechanical)

St Edmund's Anglican Church, cnr Wild and Holden Streets
see: Wild Street Anglican Church, cnr Wild and Holden Streets, Maroubra

Astra Theatre
B. 1936 Hill, Norman & Beard ("Christie") for Astra Theatre, Parramatta (o/n N6l)
Later moved to St Patrick's R.C. Church, Bondi
Reb. & inst. c.1970 Holy Family Catholic Church, Luxford Road, Emerton (Mount Druitt)
S.T.Noad & Son 2m. 5rks. ext.,
Organ removed (details unknown).
Leigh Memorial Uniting Church, Macquarie Street
Davidson 1878, Richardson 1905, ST Noad & Son 1961,
Peter DG Jewkes 2000 (2/27 electric)
Roxy Theatre, George Street
B. 1929 Hill, Norman & Beard ("Christie") (o/n 82); inst. 1930. Rem. c. 1967 and broken up.
3m., 10 rks. ext. el. pn.
St Andrew's Uniting (Presbyterian) Church, cnr Phillip & Marsden Streets
B. 1909 Norman & Beard, London & Norwich. Job no. 1006
Enl. & console detached 1926 W. L. Roberts.
Electrified c. 1960 S.T. Noad & Son. Reb. 1970 Roger H. Pogson.
2m., 13 sp. st., 8c., el. pn.
Gt: 8.8.4.IV. Sw: Ped: 16.8.8.
Church now a restaurant
Organ moved and incorportated into the organ at St Mary's Anglican Church, Ballina
by Ian Brown & Assoc. 1999.
Façade to be used for HNB organ at St Joseph's College Chapel, Hunters Hill,
formerly from St George's Anglican Church, Hurstville.

St John's Anglican Cathedral, Church Street
J. W. Walker, London, 1863
2 manuals, 20 speaking stops, mechanical action

St Patrick's Catholic Cathedral, cnr Victoria Street & Marist Place
Norman & Beard 1898, installed Peter DG Jewkes 2005 (3/39 electric)
St Patrick's Catholic Church, Villiers Street
B. 1852 J.C. Bishop, London [for Mr Burns?]
Rem. c. 1962 after pipework stolen.
2m., 12 sp. st., 2c. tr. Gt: Sw: Rem: 16.
North Parramatta
All Saints' Anglican Church, cnr Victoria Road and Elizabeth Street
Hill, Norman & Beard (Aust) 1966, Pitchford & Garside 1976 (2/32 electro-pneumatic)
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Pennant Street.
Charles Dirksen, Brisbane, c.1960. 2 rks. ext., el.mag.
The King's School, Pennant Hills Road

Futter Hall
Pogson 1967 (2/22 mechanical)

The King's School Chapel
Pogson 1971 (1/7 mechanical)

Carey Beebe Harpsichords, Factory 35/17 Lorraine Street

Continuo organ - H Klop Garderen Nederland 2004 (1/4 mechanical) available for hire

Regal   - H Klop Garderen Nederland 2007 (1/1 mechanical) available for hire

Pennant Hills
B. 1872 C.J. Jackson. Enl. 1911 Charles Richardson (swell added)
Reb. & re-sited 1959 S.T. Noad & Son 2m., 9, 7c.,
Gt: Sw: Ped: 16.
Rem. Brown & Arkley and incorporated in a new organ for the Benedictine Monastery near Kiama c. 1987
B. unknown. Reb. inst. 1977 Geo. Fincham & Sons (with tonal alterations)
from St Giles' Anglican Church, Greenwich
2m., 10, 3c., tr. Gt: Sw: Ped: l6.
West Pennant Hills

St Matthew's Anglican Church, 3 New Line Road
Assembled from parts by Douglas Lack 1972-3 (2/5 ranks extension, electric)

St Stephen's Anglican Church, 252 High Street
Charles Jackson 1874, rebuilt Brown & Arkley 1977 (2/14 mechanical and electro-pneumatic)
Wesley Uniting (Methodist) Church, cnr Percival & Penshurst Streets, Penshurst
B. 1943 T.C. Edwards
Electrified 1972 Ian D. Brown
Restored J W Parker 2010
2m., 7 sp. st., 8c.,   Gt: Sw: 8.8.4. Ped: 16.
Church closed 2017.

All Saints' Anglican Church, 325 Stanmore Road
Alfred Hunter 1886 (2/18 tubular-pneumatic and electric)

Congregational Church, Railway Street
First organ: (large church, now demolished), see: Pymble Pymble Ladies College
Second organ: (small original church - photo) B. unknown [William Davidson?]
Inst. 1903 Charles Richardson from Presbyterian Church, Pitt Street, Sydney?
Moved to present location from Congregational Church,
cnr. New Canterbury Road and Lewisham Street, Dulwich Hill c. 1971
Pitchford and Garside, but not erected. 2m., 7 sp. st., 3c., tr.
Gt: 8.8 divided.8. Sw: 8 divided.8.4. Ped: 16
MASTERTOUCH PIANO ROLL CO. (now Metropolitan Community Church) cnr. Crystal & Brighton Streets
B. 1925 Fotoplay, America, for Seaview Theatre, Glenelg, S.A. with parts added
subsequently from Hoyts Theatre, Melbourne and paper pipework by A.H. Broadbent
Inst. c.1975 from residence of late A.H. Broadbent Esq., Macclesfield, S.A.
2m., 20, 4c., Man I: 4.2-2/3.8. Man II: Ped: 16.4. 16.8.
Roll-playing attachment.
Petersham Baptist Church, The Boulevarde
C W Leggo 1925 (2/19 electro-pneumatic)
PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, Gordon Street - Photos of church: 1 and 2
B. c.1904-05 George A. Smith 2m., 11, 4c., tr.
Gt: Sw: Ped: 16.8.

St Mark's Anglican Church, Menangle Street West

FIRST ORGAN: Wordsworth & Co., Leeds, UK, 1893
Installed 1894
2 manuals, 8 speaking stops, mechanical action
Damaged in 2016 floods; currently in storage

PRESENT ORGAN: James J. Binns, Bramley, Leeds, 1903, 
for All Hallows' Church, Great Mitton, Lancashire, UK
Restored and installed 2019 Peter D.G. Jewkes Pty Ltd, Sydney
2 manuals, 12 speaking stops, mechanical (manuals) & pneumatic action (pedals)
Plumpton (aka Oakhurst)
"The Oaks," Residence of Sir Trevor Garland, Hyatts Road
John W. Parker 2019 and 2020 incorporating
he 1930 Whitehouse Bros organ at St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Chatswood,
the 1967 J.P. Eagles organ at St John's Anglican Church, Rockdale and
the 1966 J.P. Eagles organ at West Sydney Chinese Christian Church, Strathfield
Port Hacking
Residence of R.G. Todman
Organ inst. 1929 Hill, Norman & Beard (o/n 89).
Present location and details of specification unavailable
Potts Point
"Bomerah" residence of the Brothers McQuade, Cowper Street
see: Marrickville St Brigid's Catholic Church
St Vincent's Catholic Girls' College, Rockwell Avenue
George Fincham & Sons 1914 (2/8 electro-pneumatic)
St Bartholomew's Anglican Church, (now closed for worship)
cnr. Prospect Highway & Ponds Road
Built by G.M. Holdich, London c.1851-55
Organ vandalized and removed c.1968
1 manual, 9 speaking stops, 1 coupler, mechanical action
B. c.1956 S.T. Noad & Son 2m., 8, 8c., Gt: 8.8.4. Sw: 8.8.8. Ped: 16.8.
Uniting (Methodist) Church, The Broadway
Built 1962 J.P. Eagles 2 manuals, 4 ranks extension, 6 couplers, electro-magnetic action

Pymble Ladies' College Chapel, Avon Road
TC Lewis 1886 (2/21, mechanical and electro-pneumatic)
Formerly in Petersham Congregational Church

Pymble Uniting Church (formerly Presbyterian), cnr Pacific Highway and Livingstone Avenue
Hill, Norman & Beard 1967 (2/3 ranks extension + Mixture, electro-magnetic)
St Swithun's Anglican Church, cnr Telegraph and Merrivale Roads
Ian Brown & Assoc. (including parts from second hand organs) 1998 (3/41 electric)

Pneumatic Band Organ,  Darling Harbour Carousel
Gebrüder Bruder , Waldkirch, Germany
Model 107 'Airophon'  52 keyless pneumatic band organ.
Operated by pressure and vacuum, played by a perforated paper roll.

St Bartholomew's Anglican Church
see: Northmead St Luke's Anglican Church
St Bede's Catholic Church, Pyrmont Street
First organ: Geoffrey Kendall 1980s (2m., 13, ext. el.mag.)

Broken up 2010 Darrell Pitchford, replaced by a second hand Möller 'Artiste' organ from the USA
2010 Darrell Pitchford.
St Bede's Catholic Church, Pyrmont Street
Present organ: Op. 9816 Möller 'Artiste' 1963,
reloc. from USA Darrell Pitchford 2010.
2m., 25 sp. st., 4 ranks ext, Open Diapason, Flute, String, Trompette



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Sydney suburbs are arranged in alphabetical order - please click on the blue letter of the suburb below
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Click below for other organs in New South Wales
Maitland Wollongong
Click below for other Australian organs listed by State
Tasmania Northern Terr.